Less is more,…

If you believe knowing more is putting you in control, then you are greatly mistaken.

Knowledge is the basis of superiority! Yes, I would mostly agree on that, but sometimes it is not the lever deciding about winning or losing. Sometimes knowledge is just a burden.

What if you knew that a time bomb is going to explode? OK, tell the officials about it. What about your family, if you knew they are evacuating the city? What about your loved ones? AND what if you are told not to tell anyone?

Knowledge of things others don’t know can be? a pain in the butt.

Bomb or Love are just the same. In this case be so honest to tell the one you love what is going on. I am experiencing just that and I am too afraid to be plain honest.

That is why I am writing this post… To relieve my conscience of that load.

1) Try not to know everything

2) if you do know more than others, then be direct to those affected by the truth you know

3) if not possible, dig a hole and put your head into it.

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