Beer is prohibited in the state of Texas because it contains the Encyclopedia Britannica and entire wisdom :-)

While I was doing some research on US-Law and why exactly it is illegal to ride conveyor-belts in the state of California or why you should get severely punished for tempering with elevator-doors in the state of Missouri I came across this funny site:

Just as great:
Women may be fined for falling asleep under a hair dryer, as can the salon owner.

I believe Techno-Music is a great means to prevent that 🙂

Waschanleitung: mal eine klare Ansage!

Wow, das ist ja mal konkret! Nicht diese blöden Zeichen, bei denen man nur ahnt, dass man Kunstfasern nicht heiß bügeln soll, oder manche Wolle nach dem Schleudern eher wie ein Igel aussehen wird:

wash it right

80% Cotton
20% Polyester
Tell your bitch to machine wash cold, not to bleach and tumble dry fuckin‘ low. Tell her not to iron the porn applique and embroidery and of couse not your fuckin‘ dick too. Wash seperately, (not your dick, fool!) No soaking! Suckin‘ of cause no problem.

(Rechtschreibfehler wie im Original)