Fan Fest on Waterloo June 7th

I decided to write this post (and probably a couple more concerning the WM) in English in case non german speakers are looking for some activities during the next couple of weeks.

Fan Fest opens on 7 June, when Scorpions, Mousse T., Heinz Rudolf Kunze and Fury In The Slaughterhouse appear together for the first time on the FAN FESTival stage. Admission is free. Live broadcasts of all World Cup matches begin on Waterlooplatz on 9 June.

The first construction phase of Hannover ’s FIFA World Cup 2006 Fan Fest is complete and the setting is already monumental. The framework for the stage and big screen are in place, 50 metres wide and 20 high – the aerial view (photo) gives the full picture.

The walls on which, in just a few weeks, portraits of Hannover fans will welcome guests from all over the world are already erected along Lavesallee, as are the entrance area and stands for the VIP tent. the next big job in around two weeks time is to cover the framework in the enormous printed sheeting that will make the Fan Fest a real eye-catcher. Technology and catering facilities will arrive just a few
days before the start of the World Cup.

More information concerning the championship and events in Hannover:

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